Les violoncelles en avion

Lors du trajet entre New York et Toronto que devait effectuer la Kremerata Baltica le 5 février 2017, Air Canada a refusé de transporter plus qu'un violoncelliste et son instrument sur les quatre qui devaient voyager avec l'ensemble.


February 6, 2017 by norman lebrecht

The Kremerata Baltica were due to fly yesterday from New York (Newark) to Toronto. Extra seats had been booked for four cellos, and confirmed by email.

At the check-in desk, Air Canada announced that is was ‘policy’ not to carry more than one cello per flight. Prior to check-in, all four cellos had been officially confirmed by Air Canada representatives, and confirmation emails for all of them were presented at the airport.

Unable to take their instruments, the four cellists had to wait for hours for other flights to Toronto. In the end, they took three different flights and just made in on stage in time.

Lesson to orchestras: Don’t fly Air Canada until they clarify their attitude.